Website Kickstart Session

In partnership with Penn Studio Limited

In Partnership with Penn Studio


To speed up the process of getting all of the information to build a website.


We run a workshop to scope out the website objectives, structure and content.


A clear plan of action to develop the best possible website that all of the crucial team members support.


You will be able to quickly get a plan together ensuring the process to building your website goes smoothly!

Who's it for

– Small Businesses – if you want a website that really packs a punch and allows you to get more business

– Local Authorities – if you want a business that breaks down a lot of information in a great looking website

– Complex Product Offering Organisations – an organisation that has a complex product offering so having a powerful website is key


The importance of a website kickstart session is that it reduces confusion and improves communication. It ensures the right people talk to each other and agree on the crucial decisions to make the website a success.

1. Workshop Preparation

We send information to the workshop delegates for them to prepare and ask them to complete a series of activities in advance of the workshop.

2. Scoping Workshop

We then conduct the scoping workshop to identify the website objectives, review case studies, identify the website structure and consider website content.

3. Scoping Document

Following the website we take the outputs of the workshop and put it into a website scoping document. This scoping document is then reviewed and agreed by the client before the website is built.

4. Website Build

The website then goes into build by Penn Studio, our website development provider.