Quantitative Costed Risk Analysis

In Partnership with Viaduct Limited

In Partnership with Viaduct


We identify all of your risks in a much quicker way. We ensure you understand your risks, probability of the risk occurring and the total cost of these risks.


We run a risk management workshop to identify all of the project risks. We then take the risks, cost the risk, estimate the probability of the risk occurring, calculate the contingency required and plan mitigations.


A full risk analysis for your project that has been composed thoroughly. The workshop we run ensures we provide a platform for all of the project risks to be identified.

Who its for

– Rail Infrastructure Project Managers – if you are delivering a new rail scheme conducing a costed risk analysis is a required deliverable

– Construction Companies – to understand the costs for your project and develop a plan to manage them

– Public Sector – to enable you to understand all of your project risks


We structure our risk workshops in a way that engages everyone in the team. Our risk workshops are thorough and structured to get results.

There is also a platform created which ensures everyone in the team has the opportunity to provide input into the risk plan.


The importance of a risk workshop is that you cannot manage what you do not measure. So having a thorough understanding of your risk is very important.

1. Planning Meeting

We will have a planning meeting to understand the background to your project.

We also use this opportunity to shape the risk workshop and ensure cover all bases at the workshop.

2. Risk Workshop

We facilitate an interactive risk workshop getting all the right people together to identify the risks.

3. Monte Carlo Analysis

If appropriate, we can use the outputs of the workshop to understand the cost of all the risks.

4. Risk Report

Once we have completed the risk workshop we develop a risk report which sets out all of the project risks and sets out a mitigation strategy.