Lessons Learned


To enable you to take a take a deep dive review and identify all of the lessons learned for your project.


We run an interactive lessons learned workshop focused on reviewing the project concept to competition. We conduct research to fully understand the project and its interfaces. We then facilitate the workshop and take the outputs of the workshop to form a lessons learned document.


The outcome of this workshop is a project review document which sets out what was successful about the project and why, as well as what the lessons learned were.

Who its for

– Small Businesses – want to review the success of new product, campaign etc

– Large Businesses – wanting to review the success of a new product, campaign etc

– Public Sector – wanting to review the success of an initiative

– Project Managers – wanting to review a project


The benefits to a lessons learned document is that it allows everyone in your team to learn from the lessons of the project.


The importance of people learning is that next time around they will not make the mistakes again making the next project even more successful!

1. Planning Meeting

We will conduct a planning meeting for us to understand the project and what you would like to achieve from a lessons learned workshop.

2. Project Research

We go away to conduct some research enabling us to fully understand the project so that we can run an effective lessons learned.

3. Lessons Learned Workshop

We deliver a lessons learned workshop which can last up to 1 day. This workshop will provide a platform for the team to openly discuss the project in detail and the lessons learned from that project.

4. Lessons Learned Document

We take the outputs of the lessons learned workshop and develop a lessons learned document for your project that compiles all of the discussions from the lessons learned.

Case Studies

Review of multi award winning Birmingham Airport bridge

Review of new railway station projects