Employee Engagement Workshop


To provide you an opportunity to engage with your employees in an interactive workshop. This will provide you with the information you need to make positive change in your organisation.


We run an employee engagement workshop for you to present your project or proposal and get feedback. The session is structured to give each employee an opportunity to provide feedback in an environment that stimulates creativity.

We take the outputs of the employee engagement event and put it into a format which could either be a video or report.


The outcome of the workshop is that you will have meaningful feedback from your employees, in a format that you can use to move your organisation forward.

Who its for

– Small Businesses – to obtain the views of your team to move your business forward

– Large Business – to get feedback on how you can improve the workplace for your employees

– Public Sector – to identify feedback to form a plan for your organisation


The benefits of having feedback from your employees is the ability to make changes and improvements as a result of the feedback you have received.


It provides an amazing opportunity for the employees in the organisation to have their voices heard.


We work with you to understand what you want to get your teams view upon, facilitate the workshop and then provide you the results in a format that works for you.

1. Planning Meeting

We meet with you to understand what you are trying to achieve from an employee engagement event.

2. Run Workshop

We run an interactive workshop to enable all employees to have their voices heard in a engaging way.

3. Outputs

We then take the outputs and put them into a format that your desire. This could be a follow up video from the event or a written report.