Project Management Meetings

A project is like climbing a mountain, you get to the top quicker with a plan.


To provide support to organisations delivering projects to run crucial meetings keeping your team on your side.


How do you run an effective project kick-start? How do you get stakeholders around the table to agree how to take a project forward? How do you keep people engaged in a risk review? How do you refocus a project if it goes off track? How do you review a project and identify lessons learned?

Our team are trained facilitators and our products can help transform those crucial meetings making them productive creative sessions.

We offer five packages

Project Kickstart

We remove the “what shall we do first” feeling when you start a project by getting everyone in your team together to create a plan to get your project off to the best start.

Project Refocus

We remove the “I am stuck” feeling when your project goes off track by running a meeting to identify why your project has gone off track and putting together a plan to get the project back on track.

Risk Management

We transform risk management making it interactive through our out driven workshop and monte carl risk analysis software to identify the cost impact of the risks for your project.

Stakeholder Event

We provide a platform to allow you to meaningfully engage with your customers and stakeholders and collect information to move your project forward.

Project Review

We remove the “I need to review but don’t know where to start” feeling. We run a creative session to thoroughly review your project from concept to completion developing a lessons learned document.