Meetings Power Hour

Your peoples time is your number one asset, you can always get more money but you cant get more time.


To ensure the time your people spend together is productive and stuff gets done.


Are your organisations meetings productive? Is there much action in your meetings? Are there too many meetings? Are meetings not focussed in your organisation? Do you want to cut the number of meetings?

Our ‘Meetings Power Hour’ will completely transform how you organisation runs meetings. We run an intensive 60 minute programme, the structure of the programme is as followed:

1. A bit of meetings context!

We get delegates to understand the importance of meeting.

2. Fail to prepare then prepare to fail!

We show you everything you need to know the ensure you prepare effectively for the meeting.

3. Smashing the meeting!

We show you what you can do to maximise the outputs of your meeting and get the most out of it.

4. Follow up and get stuff done!

We show you how you can make sure you follow up and everyone else follows up after the meeting.


The delegates of the session will clearly understand how to maximise each others time and run awesome meetings!