An event can really show your organisation off in its best light.

We run events not to tick a box but to break a record, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

1. Scoping Workshop

We run a scoping workshop to determine all of the objectives you have for the event. We have a methodology to ensure we get the right people in the room at a facilitated meeting to ensure the event brief is clear, ensuring the event we deliver is exactly what you are looking for.

2. Event Prep

We prepare for the event including the development of all event material and being the point of contact for delegates.

3. Deliver Event

We deliver the event on the day providing all of the staff to make the day run smoothly.

4. Maximise Event Benefits

Following the event we ensure you get the maximum amount from it by promoting the outputs of the event and all of the post event media.

Case Studies

ATCO National Rail Conference

The ATCO National Rail Conference 2018 in Birmingham was a huge success with over 100 delegates it was a conference that really did pack a punch.