West Midlands Combined Authority Working Environment Engagement Workshop

An employee engagement session to enable the teams opinions to be loud.

Client: West Midlands Combined Authority

About the Client

The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) are 18 local authorities and four Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) working together to move powers from London to the West Midlands and its locally elected politicians, who know this region best.

There are 367 employees that work for WMCA, a large quantity of them are based in the main WMCA Office in Birmingham city centre.

The Challenge

The role of WMCA as a public sector organisation has grown in importance since its inception in 2017. The number of staff members, visitors and areas of activity has increased significantly over that period.

As a result of this the asset management team are required to regularly review the suitability of the  work space. To successfully do this they need to seek the advice of the staff that use the office on a daily basis.

The team wanted to hear the views of as many people as possible to put a plan together to further improve the office to ensure that a great place to work is created for people working at the West Midlands Combined Authority, both present and future.

WMCA engaged BusinessAdapts to get the views of as many staff as possible heard.

The Solution: Employee Engagement Event 

We recognised there would be differing priorities from different teams about how space should be used within the building. As a result, we created an engaging and collaborative environment for individuals from across WMCA to come together and share their views to improve the office environment.

We ran a workshop that was inclusive, and output driven. It focused on asking some key questions which we carefully pulled together in advance of the workshop.

We ran a lunchtime session where we did the following.

We started  with the Strategic Asset Manager providing a summary of what happened over the last 12 months.

We then asked the delegates to consider how visitors should feel when they arrive at the office, in particular seeking feedback on how the reception should look and feel.


The team provided feedback on how the office environment can be developed to become an engaging place to work.

The Results

The session was very output driven and was ran in such a way which gave everyone an opportunity to share their views.

Following the employee engagement event, we produced a document that was shared around the organisation. It showed a real commitment to listening to the views of the people within WMCA but also provided a plan to further enhance the working environment.

The team at Business Adapts facilitated an inclusive, comprehensive workshop for us which produced informative and well-designed outputs.

Before the workshop they provided a structured planning service to ensure that we had clear objectives from the meeting and that all bases were covered – particularly with suggesting ideas we would never have thought of to get the most out of the session.  The pressure was taken off our hands – we were able to participate in the session and have great conversations with participants, knowing that the carefully planned facilitation was all being taken care of. Following the session, we were provided with a well presented event output document which had great content for us to use in various forms across the business as we progress our strategy for the future workplace at WMCA.  Thank you!

Jemma Hodgson - Strategic Asset Manager