Annual planning for newly formed rail department
Client: West Midlands Rail

About Client

West Midlands Rail oversee the current and future rail activity in the West Midlands. They oversee a multi billion pound rail franchise that operates local rail services in the West Midlands as well as set long term strategy for rail.

Background to Team Away Day

In 2017 the organisation went through a restructure to better reflect the operational needs of the organisation. This resulted in two new departments being formed within the organisation with new ‘Heads of Department’ and staff.

The Obstacle

The team wanted to ensure they got off to a flying start when the department was formed. They wanted to ensure they had:

– clear objectives
– understood how their activity related to the ultimate goal of ‘creating a better railway for customers’
– projects to focus on throughout the year
– an understanding of who is going to be in charge of what

Our Approach

We facilitated a Team Away Day for the team which gave them an opportunity to get out of the office for a day and do some planning. On the day they:

– had an opportunity for the Head of Department to set out his vision for the department
– were able to get any questions, concerns and issues resolved
– had a strategic review on the department to identify the areas of focus for the department
– were able to identify the projects for the department
– we able to clearly understand what role everyone was planning in the department

The Result

In a short 7 hour period we were able to take a team that were unsure of their role in a newly formed department, who have just been through a lot of change and turn them into people that were clear about their role at work and how they play a role in improving rail services in the West Midlands.

An team away day is a great way for teams to take step back and review their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a great way for organisations to identify their goals and make a plan of how they are going to get there.

BusinessAdapts were able to help us make the most of our annual planning session ensuring everyone in the team left the session motivated and with clear understanding of what needs to be done to make the team successful.

Tom Painter - West Midlands Rail