Project management company away day

A project management company for the rapidly growing SLC Rail in Birmingham.

Client: SLC Rail

About the Client

SLC Rail are not a project management consultancy like many others, they help their clients deliver visionary rail strategies, win support for new stations and infrastructure and deliver challenging rail projects.

They were founded in 2009, however have experienced significant growth doubling in a 12-month period. The incredible team of 55 spread across an office in Birmingham and Warrington, is made up of difference levels of experience and areas of expertise.

The Challenge 

It can be very excited to be employed by a quickly growing SME however it also brings with it lots of challenges. One of those challenges is being taken over by the day to day management of the business. As a client services business SLC pride themselves of taking care of the detail. But SLC wanted some time away to reward their staff, enable them, build stronger relationships, have fun and hear their views.

The Solution: SLC Away Day

We put forward a proposal to SLC to deliver a two-day event at the Belfry Hotel in Sutton Coldfield. The day was going to be fun and really enable the team have some head space together.

It was to be fun, interactive and engaging. There was to be no ego in the room, and we wanted to make sure there was no hierarchy.

The growth of strong personal relationships is an integral building block to all successful teams.

The two-day event involved:

An evening dinner to allow them to bond over food.

A quiz to see who has the best general knowledge.

A game of two truths one lie to really get under the skin of their colleagues.

A creative lifeline session where the delegates were given a task to draw their life.

We ran an interactive game for everyone to share their ‘life motto’.

We finished the day with a brainstorming session to get the views of everyone in the business about how SLC can become an incredible place to work.

As one member of the team put it, “I spoke to people I would have never spoke to on a daily basis and now it’s become a norm!”

The Results 

The results of the team away day were achieved. We created an environment full of smiles, positivity and lots of flying aeroplanes. We removed barriers, ego and negativity.

The output of the is that existing relationships were strengthen and new relationships were formed. It isn’t very often that the strengthening of relationships is a priority for an organisation, but it’s integral for any successful team.

Luke and Matt are young, inventive and dynamic. They provided SLC Rail with an Away Day with a difference. Staff feedback was exceptional. Thank you BusinessAdapts.

Sam Uren - Engineering Director