review of new railway station projects
Client: SLC Rail

About Client

SLC Rail are a project delivery company based in the UK that specialise in building new railway stations. They take projects from concept to completion and have successfully connected people to employment and opportunities by connecting parts of the UK by rail.

Background of Project

SLC Rail project managed the construction of 2 new stations, one at Bermuda Park and one at Coventry Arena in the West Midlands. These were major projects, they were very complex, had multiple stakeholders, there were successes and failures – however, like any project, they wanted to comprehensive review the project.

The Obstacle

The client wanted to understand the lessons learned for the new stations at Coventry Arena and Bermuda Park. There objectives were the following:

– they wanted to develop a timeline of where decisions were made that didn’t end successfully and why
– they wanted to get everyone together to identify lessons learned
– they wanted to understand the areas of success of the project
– they wanted to understand if they were to do the project again what they would do differently
– they wanted to get the feedback from all of the project team and major stakeholders

Our Approach

We facilitated a comprehensive project review creating a collaborative workshop environment which is all about identify ‘opportunities’ for improvement as oppose to passing blame. We conducted the following activities:

– the project leader provided a briefing session where he set out why he felt it was important for the team to come together to review the project
– we broke the project into numerous interfaces asking delegates to identify lessons learned against each interface
– we got the teams to do some group work to analysis the lessons learned
– we determined ‘if we were to do this project again how we would do it differently’

Once this was completed we took the outputs of the workshop and developed a comprehensive project review document. This was a useful tool which set out the headline lessons for the project and a plan of how these lessons could be learned going forward.

The Result

The result was that the client was able to review the lessons for the project helping them to make sure next time around they improve.

We were able to provide them a tool from the project which could be shared with other project managers at SLC Rail.

BusinessAdapts were able to help us review the whole project and clearly identify the key lessons learned. Their facilitation enabled the workshop to successfully capture the wide variety of stakeholder comments in an enjoyable and productive manner. They are highly recommended.

John Harvey - SLC Rail