Review of multi award winning new Birmingham Airport bridge
Client: SLC Rail

About Client

SLC Rail are a project delivery company based in the UK that specialise in building new railway stations. They take projects from concept to completion and have successfully connected people to employment and opportunities by connecting parts of the UK by rail.

Background of Project

SLC Rail were asked by Solihull Council to project manage the construction of a new bridge over the A45, a major road at Birmingham airport. However, this wasn’t any normal bridge reconstruction as the bridge was being constructed over one of the busiest railways in Birmingham, over the route to London.

This £12.2million pound scheme was a huge success winning multiple awards for its delivery coming in on time and on budget.

The Relationship with Client

The end of every project marks a great opportunity to reflect on the successes and areas of improvement. This was exactly what the team at SLC Rail did when they completed the new bridge at Birmingham Airport on the A45.

SLC Rail asked BusinessAdapts to facilitate a project review.

The Obstacle

SLC Rail were challenged with making sure they reviewed the entirety of the project. This was a big task considering the length of the project, the stakeholders involved and the various roles in the project.

Our Approach

We facilitated a Project Review meeting for SLC Rail. As part of this meeting we:

– reviewed the objectives for the project to understand if they had been fully achieved
– identified all of the areas of success for the project
– identified all of the lessons learned for the project
– determined how they would do things differently if they were to do them again

The Result

We were able to use the workshop outputs to develop a comprehensive project review document to be submitted to the Department for Transport setting out how the project had achieved the objectives set out in its business case.

We were also able to demonstrate exactly what the winning formula was for such a successful project, but equally understand what lessons could be learned to make sure next time around the project is even more successful.

BusinessAdapts were able to assist us identify all of the lessons learned for our project in a very effective, interactive and collaborate workshop structure.

The workshop that was ran allowed us to really take a step back and review the project from start to finish. We dived deep into some of the areas of success but also the lessons learned for the project.

We left the workshop with a clear understanding of the successes but also areas of improvement so we get better next time around.

Dave Parker - Operations Director