Resilience Team Away Day
Client: West Midlands Combined Authority

About the Client

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) is a team that is part of the West Midlands Combined Authority. Their role is to co-ordinate investment to improve the region’s transport infrastructure and create a fully integrated, safe and secure network. They are also responsible for assessing and planning the region’s future transport needs; so that the network can meet the demands of businesses and the ever growing population.

Background to the Workshop

The network resilience team is a team within the West Midlands Combined Authorities transport arm, Transport for West Midlands. The team was formed to plan how the West Midlands transport network is going to become more resilient. There is a huge amount going on in the West Midlands with the Commonwealth Games, major road improvements and much more.

The Obstacle

We were asked to run a team away day for the network resilience team focused on helping them to build relationships in the team, grow trust and plan for their work programme. There was a range of different personalities in the team, different experiences, knowledge levels and confidence.

It was important that everyone felt brought into the plan and was provided a suitable opportunity to contribute to the development of the plan.

Our Approach

We ran a one day team event which started with allowing the Director, Anne, to provide an overview of her plans, her aims for the team and really clearly set out the ‘why’ for the team.

This was then followed by an opportunity for everyone to provide some further information about themselves and their experiences. This provided the perfect opportunity for the team to get to know each other better and learn how they can play to each other strengths.

Once this was complete we started to consider some of the big opportunities for the team and some of the challenges the team will need to overcome to allow them to be successful.

Finally, we conducted an activity to identify the teams work programme. A clear plan for the next 12 months for the team to deliver upon.

The Result

At the end of the workshop the team knew exactly what resources they were working with, they knew their colleagues not just as colleagues but as people. Their ‘why’ had become clear and they had a plan to deliver it.

Spending time planning with teams is critical to keeping everybody focussed on our purpose, the roles we play together and how we are going to deliver.

As a newly formed team, we spent some time getting to now each other which was critical to create the team bond.  This then helped with understanding and defining the purpose and developing the things we must do to deliver our objectives whilst also assessing alongside the things we should do.

This has helped us to prioritise our work and pull together our business plan which we can now share and promote with the wider organisation.

Anne Shaw - Director of Network Resilience