kickstart of group to innovate in the rail industry
Client: Rail Innovation Group

About Client

The Rail Innovation Group is a non-profit organisation focusing on driving a step change in innovation in the rail industry. They bring together organisations from across the rail industry to discuss ways of innovating, making efficiencies and transforming customer experience.

Background of Project

The Rail Innovation Group needed to develop a plan of how they will innovate in rail. The plan needed to be ambitious, to set out the vision and targets for the group.

The Obstacle

They needed to understand why innovation was really needed in rail – to validate their cause. They wanted to identify:

– all of the opportunities to innovate in rail
– solutions to some of the challenges faced by the industry
– where efficiencies can be made in rail
– how innovation plays a part in achieving great customer experience

Our Approach

We facilitated a project kickstart which was all about capturing as much information as possible from the meeting but also creating the perfect environment in the meeting for innovation. We ran the following activities:

– the founder of the group was able to clearly set out the purpose of the purpose of the rail innovation group
– we conducted a scoping session to determine why the delegates felt there was a need to innovate in rail
– we then proceeded into a strategic review of the rail industry to identify areas of work for the rail innovation group

The Result

The result of the session was that the Rail Innovation Group were able to clearly understand their ‘why’ and get a plan together collaboratively which set out how they are going to fulfil their vision.

BusinessAdapts were able to help us get a group of super creative people and make sure all of their ideas were captured and put into a plan to allow us to start our journey innovating in rail!

Liam Henderson - Rail Innovation Group