Helping young people excel
Client: Transport for West Midlands

About Client

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) is part of the West Midlands Combined Authority with a role to co-ordinate investment to improve the region’s transport infrastructure and create a fully integrated, safe and secure network. It is also responsible for assessing and planning the region’s future transport needs so the network can meet the demands of businesses and a growing population.

Background of Project

The West Midlands Bus Alliance which TfWM are a member wanted to understand what improvements they could make to buses in the West Midlands to encourage more young people to travel via public transport.

The Obstacle

There task to BusinessAdapts was to bring as many young people together as possible to understand what improvements can be made to bus services that exclude the decrease of the fare. They wanted to understand:

  • what improvements could be made to customer experience
  • why so little young people use bus
  • what transport problems they face and how bus can help address them

Our Approach

We facilitated a Customer/ Stakeholder Engagement Event bringing young people from across the West Midlands together in a big workshop. On the day we:

– ran an activity for TfWM to set out their vision for public transport and bus services
– we then allowed the delegates to comment and discuss their vision
– we then review all of the areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction on bus services

The above activities generated a lot of very thought provoking outputs.

The Result

We took the outputs of the workshop and this went in a report to the Bus Alliance Board in request for funding to make improvements for young people in the West Midlands. This set out true aspirations of young people and because of the creative approach to the workshop taken by BusinessAdapts we were able to identify more outputs.