Graphic design firm takes new approach to planning
Client: Penn Studio

About Client

Penn Studio is a rapidly growing graphic design business. They support organisation by doing graphic design and web development to completely transform the appearance of their clients businesses.

Background to Team Away Day

Penn Studio is a rapidly growing graphic design business. They had begun to grow taking on new clients left right and centre. However – they had no plan.

The Obstacle

The Owner of the business wanted to make sure that they didn’t burst because of their rapid growth and they had a plan in place to control their growth. He wanted to:

– make his team clear of his vision for the business
– ensure they identified where they needed to improve to facilitate growth
– where their strengths lied
– where people need help in the business
– what projects they need to focus on to grow
– who is doing what in the business

Our Approach

We facilitated a Team Away Day for the team which enabled them to get out of the ‘now’ and focus on the future. On the day they:

– had an opportunity for the Owner to set out his vision for the business so that everyone knew exactly where the business was going and everyones role in getting to the goal
– had an opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and discuss the future growth plans
– did a strategic review on the business to understand their areas of focus
– were able to identify the projects they need to deliver to achieve their goals
– could see the role everyone played in the team

The Result

We were able to provide Penn Studio a plan which at a glance enabled them to see the projects they were working on as an organisation.

Since implementing their plan Penn Studio has seen continued growth, but they have been able to implement systems into their business so they can control that growth and continue to deliver a great service to their customers.

The entire experience from BusinessAdapts was highly organised and efficient – they kept us informed of the processes involved which were simple and straight forward. The final product – a 12 month plan of actionable projects to move Penn Studio forward. This was great and exactly what was needed to give the business direction.

Andrew Penn - Penn Studio