Creating world class public transport interchange
Client: Transport for West Midlands

About Client

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) is part of the West Midlands Combined Authority with a role to co-ordinate investment to improve the region’s transport infrastructure and create a fully integrated, safe and secure network. It is also responsible for assessing and planning the region’s future transport needs so the network can meet the demands of businesses and a growing population.

Background of Project

There has been a multi million pound investment programme into the city of Wolverhampton in the UK. A major part of this development has been the new railway station, bus station and metro interchange. There was a need to make sure the opportunity was fully maximised to create a world class public transport interchange at Wolverhampton.

The Obstacle

Transport for West Midlands wanted to bring together stakeholders from the various projects to ensure that there were some clear objectives and that they were working together to ensure there was a great interchange at Wolverhampton. They wanted to:

– agree some objectives for delivering world class public transport interchange
– identify opportunities to deliver outstanding interchange
– determine a plan to work together to delivering great customer experience

Our Approach

We facilitated a Customer/ Stakeholder Engagement Event bringing all of the stakeholders together to identify a plan to deliver fantastic interchange. On the day we:

– ran an activity for the project leader to set out their vision for the project
– ran a creative session to determine what great interchange looks like
– we identified all off the opportunities to deliver great interchange

This was able to help inform a partnership between all of the various projects to work together to deliver great interchange in Wolverhampton.

The Result

The result of our workshop was that we were able to bring together all of the stakeholders to agree a plan to work together to deliver great passenger experience at Wolverhampton. This was important to realise all of the benefits from the investment that was going into Wolverhampton.

BusinessAdapts allowed us to effectively run a workshop with all of our stakeholders to understand how we can create a world class bus/ rail interchange. This helped informed our work and got the project started in an great way.

Stephen Holloway - Transport for West Midlands