West Midlands Rail Programme Away Day

A joint team away day for the West Midlands Rail Programme.

Client: West Midlands Rail Executive

About the Client

West Midlands Rail Executive (WMRE) is delivering a programme of rail projects. This package of enhancements has a value of more than £120 million and includes multiple new stations as well as rebuilds of some existing stations.

The programme is not being delivered by WMRE alone and is being delivered in partnership with the rest of the rail industry. This includes, West Midlands Trains, Network Rail and Transport for West Midlands.

The Challenge

All of the organisations working on this programme were moving into a new c0-located office. It was going to be the control room for the programme, a buzz of activity, but it was only going to work if the organisations worked together.

We were asked to help the client to work with all of the alliance partners to:

  • build relationships
  • create shared values
  • consider what can be done to create a highly effective team

The Solution: Joint Team Away Day

We delivered a joint team away day for our client.

As part of this day we started off with a session all focused on the vision. If people understand and respect the vision this greatly increases the chances of success.

We then went into a scavenger hunt activity, the purpose of this event was to build relationships with the people within the team. We put them into groups and gave them challenges to complete, the game was then on for them to complete these activities working together as a team.

We delivered an activity to agree some mutual ways of working and values for all of the organisations working on the rail programme.

The Results

Following the event the client said to us to the delegates were “blown away” with the results of the away day, but a few months down the line the away day is making a difference in the way that challenges are being overcome.