100 day plan for new property business
Client: SLC Property

About Client

SLC Property work with local authorities, developers and freehold property owners to resolve the most complex and challenging land and planning situations. From major rail infrastructure schemes and city centre developments to simple land transactions, we negotiate a clear path from start to end.

Background of Team Away Day

A few months before starting the business the client wanted to get all of their new team out of the office to determine their first tactical moves and to identify what their strategic focus should be over the first 100 days.

The Obstacle

There is always a risk with team away days that they become a session of shouting out ideas, SLC Property were determined not to allow that to happen. SLC Property wanted to:

– ensure everyone in the team was clear about the business direction
– ensure the objectives for the business everyone agreed with
– determine what work needs to be done and by who over the next 100 days

Our Approach

We facilitated a creative team away day to enable the team to come together and allow the creative juices to flow. On the day the team:

– identified their short term, medium term and long term objectives
– determined what action they need to take to achieve their objectives
– determined the prioritises for their activities over the next 100 days

This was then turned into a 100 day plan which was managed through regular team meetings to hold each other accountable to the delivery of the plan and to make sure the business got off to a rocketing start.

The Result

The result was that SLC Property were able to have a hugely successful first year in business taking on 3 full time additional members of staff, obtaining new clients and creating truly unique products.

There is a famous, and true, saying that “you never get your first 100 days of a new business back”. In business every day counts, but those first 100 are crucial.

Creating the 100 Day Plan allowed us to capture all of the areas that we needed to focus on as well as some business development. Developing the 100 Day Plan meant that we shared responsibilities and work load.

Julie Abbott - SLC Property