New partnership with web development company

We have formed an exciting partnership with Penn Studio which enables us to build websites quicker, easier and more effectively.

The process to building a website can be seamless if the right questions are asked up front and the right preparations take place.

We were frustrated seeing the way websites were constructed which usually consisted of the web development company having a brief meeting with the client to understand their objectives, then going away doing an amazing creative job designing an awesome looking site, however at the end of the project realising it hadn’t achieved the clients objectives.

Why is this? This was often because the objectives were not set out clearly at the start of the project.

We work with Penn Studio to scope out in a few hours using our trained facilitators exactly what you are looking to achieve from the website, what your design requirements are, how you want the website to be structured and what the content of the website needs to be.

Why do we do this? It greatly speeds up the process of building your website and also the quality because everyone is working to the same plan.