What’s your hard stop?

We all have meetings, whether you are a manager where it is estimated you will spend 75% of your time in meetings, or someone spending considerably less we all have meetings.

However, how are you making sure the time you spend in meeetings is productive? Here is one little tip.

We all have experienced meetings either running over or the meeting finishing bang on the finish time. This is because we mentally prepare ourself to be in the meeting for the amount of time we designate in the diary.

For your next meeting follow these steps:

1) Decide exactly what you need to achieve from the meeting,

2) Decide how much time you need to achieve this,

3) Agree the meeting length with the other attendees,

4) Remind people of your ‘hard stop’/ the meeting length at the start of the meeting.

Please have a little go at implement those four steps into your meetings and see the results.