Prepare for meetings to get the most out of them

To get the most out of a meeting there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that the meeting is meaningful.

Firstly, the objectives for the meeting must be clear. Its crucial that the meeting has very clear objectives you need to know exactly what you want to achieve from the meeting.

Secondly, the people attending need to be right people. Its always important to ensure the right people are in the room but also the wrong people are not in the room. This is crucial to maximise peoples time.

Thirdly, the venue needs to be right. If you want to run an output driven workshop which lasts all day but choose to organise it in a small room under the stairs this will greatly reduce the chances of achieving outputs you so desire.

Fourthly, ensure you structure the agenda in a sensible way which allows you to achieve the objectives you have set out.

Fifthly, always ensure you come prepared with a notebook and a pen. It would amaze you how many people go along to meetings and take away lots of actions but don’t write them down. I will let you guess how often they follow through on those actions.