Meeting minutes, do they add any value?

So, a tough question we get asked a lot is “Do meeting minutes add any value”. The answer, in really “no”, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them.

We have worked with clients where the idea of not writing formal minutes is alien. These are mainly public sector local government organisations who need to write minutes for good governance and transparency purposes. In which case minutes are super appropriate. This is also the case in many HR heavy situations such as dismissing an employee, the minutes are required.

Lets split meetings into a few different types.

  1. An informal meeting (121 or small group meeting) – use your note book, perhaps dedicate a page to the meeting and write actions on a page with a particular icon so that next time you meet you can review the outstanding actions.
  2. A fairly formal meeting (small group regular get together) – write your actions up onto a flip chart on post-it notes so you can review it at each meeting and track you are moving forward.
  3. A formal recurring meeting (a regular meeting which is very goal orientated) – develop an ‘action and key decisions’ tracker where you note all of the areas that were crucial for the meeting and not everything and anything!

So, minutes – useful but sometimes not the best use of time.