How to identify risk for your project

There are a huge amount of construction projects of which we have worked upon whereby risk management was crucial. They need to constantly analysis their risks, track them and find ways of effectively engaging their people and stakeholders in the risk management process.

However, risk management isn’t renowned for being particularly exciting or a subject which is engaging. We have taken a new approach to identifying risk at the start of your project.

When we work with clients to help them identify risks for their organisation or project we start off by reviewing all of the interfaces for their project. Write all of these interfaces onto a series of flip-charts, put these flip charts around the room and get people up and out of their seats to identify risks associated to each interfaces of the project.

Of course – risk management for really big projects and businesses should ideally be done by trained facilitators such as BusinessAdapts.

However, the key to running a successful risk management review workshop is doing it differently – getting people out of their seats and making it a little creative.