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We drive efficiencies by running workshops to make processes easier quicker, more effective and more fun.

We show your organisation in its best light by running innovative events.

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We deliver workshops to make processes easier, quicker more effective and more fun.


We run innovative and different events to show your organisation off in its best light.

Website Scoping Session Attendee

“We got more done in this workshop than we usually get done in weeks.”

Team Away Day

“There were things I didn’t know about the people sitting next to me after years that I know after todays event.”


“I have been to many conferences and this is certainly the best one I have ever attended.”

Team Away Day

“Previously we were just a group of warriors but now we have a plan we are more like the roman army!”

Stephen Holloway
Transport for West Midlands

The team at BusinessAdapts support ensured that we got the most out of a session with many stakeholders and leave with a plan of action to transform the multi-modal interchange in Wolverhampton.

Stephen Pauling

Luke Bodin, working with his excellent and professional team at Business Adapts in Birmingham, played a crucial role in support of helping to organise what turned out to be a very successful National Rail Conference in Birmingham in June 2018. Luke not only sourced a great location, but worked tirelessly to promote the event in a very professional way. In particular, special thanks are owed to him for his innovative approach to using social media to generate additional interest. Luke and his team at Business Adapts also deserve credit for helping with the smooth running of the event on the day, which helped turn a good conference into a great conference.

Julie Abbott
SLC Property

Creating the 100 Day Plan allowed us to capture all of the areas that we needed to focus on as well as some business development. Developing the 100 Day Plan meant that we shared responsibilities and work load.