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We don’t run events to tick boxes, we run events to exceed your objectives

Whether it’s a large-scale business conference, intimate roundtable, exclusive exhibition, sales seminar, evening dinner, awards-do, lecture, AGM, workshop, staff away day, brainstorm, our experienced team have the skills and expertise to deliver an exceptional occasion which maximises your event objectives.

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Conferencing and Venue Sourcing

We run events not to tick a box but to break a record, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

Website Scoping Session Attendee

“We got more done in this workshop than we usually get done in weeks.”

Team Away Day

“There were things I didn’t know about the people sitting next to me after years that I know after todays event.”


“I have been to many conferences and this is certainly the best one I have ever attended.”

Team Away Day

“Previously we were just a group of warriors but now we have a plan we are more like the roman army!”

Stephen Pauling
Chair of the Rail Executive

The team at BusinessAdapts in Birmingham, played a crucial role in support of helping to organise what turned out to be a very successful National Rail Conference in Birmingham in June 2018. They not only sourced a great location, but worked tirelessly to promote the event in a very professional way.

In particular, special thanks are owed to the innovative approach to using social media to generate additional interest.The team at BusinessAdapts also deserve credit for helping with the smooth running of the event on the day, which helped turn a good conference into a great conference.

Dave Parker
Operations Director

BusinessAdapts were able to assist us identify all of the lessons learned for our project in a very effective, interactive and collaborate workshop structure.

The workshop that was ran allowed us to really take a step back and review the project from start to finish. We dived deep into some of the areas of success but also the lessons learned for the project.

We left the workshop with a clear understanding of the successes but also areas of improvement so we get better next time around.

Anne Shaw
Director of Network Resilience

Spending time planning with teams is critical to keeping everybody focussed on our purpose, the roles we play together and how we are going to deliver.

As a newly formed team, we spent some time getting to now each other which was critical to create the team bond.  This then helped with understanding and defining the purpose and developing the things we must do to deliver our objectives whilst also assessing alongside the things we should do.

This has helped us to prioritise our work and pull together our business plan which we can now share and promote with the wider organisation.